Gamastech s.r.l. was born in Catania in 2009 and is a young and dynamic Company with Italian capital entirely. The Company intends to intervene in field of research and development (R & D) of innovative products using the most sophisticated technologies. Marketing activities performed, have led to a natural expansion of markets Oncology, Anesthesia and Intensive Care, Pain Therapy and in recent years, in the field of administration of immunoglobulin (SCIgV). The constant participation in national and international conferences allows us to promote our products directly and indirectly, to the medical profession, and also promotes the development of new ideas and projects born from the needs of patients and actual users of the products.


Gamastech aims to bring the culture of quality at the right price in a market where it is thought only to maximize their incoming.

Our first thought? The patient.

Our Strong Point

Gamastech SRL, in its laboratories, produces the elastomeric pump Exacta.
Various clinics studies and research on the field of elastomeric pump have allowed to company Gamastech SRL, to obtain a significant result in the medical market, where elastomeric pump Exacta was identified a medical device, reliable, secure and easy to use.