We were 20 years experienced people as an manufacturer of implants for orthopaedic surgery, medical equipment, surgical instruments, orthopaedic casting tape, splints, and cosmeceutical products in Korea. Since we were assigned as Korean leading development company in 2010, we have started to develop 'Needle Free Injection System, Comfort-in' for better healthcare & life and we finalised for this project in 2012.
As for the superior quality control & sales service for Comfort-in, we opened our new website (www.comfort-in.com) and founded MK GLOBAL CO. independently.
Therefore, we are focusing on studying the righteous quality products through consistent investment of R&D and concentrating for the requirement of customers.


RMS Medical Products specializes in developing and manufacturing portable medical devices. We understand that healthcare professionals need products that they can depend on in critical situations - that will work every time. For patients, these products are often profoundly uplifting to their quality of life. With that in mind, we offer products for a wide variety of markets including hospitals, home healthcare, nursing homes and rescue services.